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“Antonia Crane is a gift. Her writing will change how you look at the world.”
–Stephen Elliott, author of The Adderall Diaries

“Antonia Crane’s writing is bold and beautiful and glimmering with light.”
–Cheryl Strayed, author of Wild

“Antonia Crane is the X-rated Simone de Beauvoir of the S&M set, a worldly-wise, hysterical, seen-it-all, done-more-than-you-imagined-in-your-most-depraved-fantasies veteran of real-life sex-work, and she has survived – in style – to turn it all into the amazing, beautiful, wild-ass ride that is Spent. This book is so good it should charge by the hour and make you pay up front. I really loved it.”
–Jerry Stahl, author of Permanent Midnight

Spent is an extraordinary memoir by an extraordinary writer. This is as much a story about the enduring love between a mother and a daughter as it is Antonia Crane’s unpretentious depiction of life as a sex worker. Brutally frank, and at times shocking, Crane is no sensationalist, choosing instead empowerment over victimhood, strength over self-pity, survival over self-destruction.”
–James Brown, author of The Los Angeles Diaries

“Smart, courageous, quick and seductive—like Marguerite Duras on Meth.”

“Antonia Crane puts you right inside the places where people put things inside other people’s places. It’s very intimate, what she does. And she writes funny. Plus, she doesn’t tell you how you should think about sex for money, when it seems like everybody wants to tell you how you should think about it. Sexy, honest, funny, subversive, counterintuitive, she’s also just a great old-fashioned storyteller. Spent will leave you spent, in the best sense of that word.”
–David Henry Sterry, author of Chicken: Self-Portrait of a Young Man for Rent

Spent is the sex worker memoir I’ve been dying to read for years. It’s a startlingly brave, alluring, moving and empowering journey of a woman who dares the world to break its own heart. I’ve been a huge fan of Antonia’s writing for years and this bold, wild debut grabbed me from start to finish.”
–Jill Soloway, author of Tiny Ladies in Shiny Pants, writer/producer of Six Feet Under, Director Afternoon Delight and the TV series Transparent

“Antonia Crane steps into the eye of her own hurricane to tell the raw, reckless story of her life as a stripper, sex worker and addict. Crane’s elegance is in her gaze: her life inside others’ secrets, and her almost anthropological wonder divulge so many buried truths about desire, desperation, and longing. Ultimately, Crane’s own longing leads her back to her dying mother’s bedside, and to her worst challenge. Spent is a beautiful, heart-pounding memoir of daring adventure and self-discovery, of a woman living at the edge of her boundaries.”
–Julie Greicius, Senior Editor of The Rumpus

“Being naked on the page can be a kind of performance, but Antonia Crane doesn’t settle for what’s showy. She digs deep into the mysteries of the human heart, then deeper still, with the kind of honesty I find inspiring. I’ve never seen her on stage, but if she’s half as gifted a stripper as she is a writer, I bet she sets the house on fire.”
–Sy Safransky, founding editor of The Sun

“There’s a gripping emotional current coursing through Crane’s often startling material; the urgency and brazen honesty of her storytelling is difficult to ignore. Definitely not for the sheepish, Crane’s graphic life spent navigating gritty gentlemen’s clubs and massage parlors doesn’t end with catharsis but with unrepentant contentment. A raw, searing self-portrait.”
—Kirkus Reviews

“Bold, brash, brutal, and beautiful, Spent grips from the beginning and is in turns shocking, touching, devastating, and loving. Perhaps most important, it is also very real. Spent is an extraordinary story told by an extraordinary writer.”
—ForeWord Reviews



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Publisher: Rare Bird Books (2014)

Hardcover: 280 pages

ISBN: 978-1-940207-06-3