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SPENT: A Memoir – Barnacle Books/Rare Bird Lit (2014)


“Sunshine For Adrienne” The New Black: A Neo Noir-Anthology, Dark House Press – Edited by Richard Thomas (2014)

“Sunshine for Adrienne” The Heroin Chronicles: Akashic Press – Edited by Jerry Stahl (2013)


“LadyLand” 13e Note Editions, Paris, France (April 2014)

“Johns, Marks, Tricks and Chickenhawks: Professionals and Their Clients Writing About Each Other” – Edited by David Henry Sterry (2013)

“Rumpus Women Vol 1” – Edited by Julie Greicius and Elissa Bassist (2010)


“She Recovers Brings High End Feminist Recovery to Los Angeles” The Fix (2018)

“How to Dig a Ditch” was a 2018 PRISM Creative Non-Fiction Prize Finalist (2018)

“Stormy Daniels, the Presidential Penis and Whether or Not Sex Workers Should Kiss and Tell” Mel Magazine (2018)

“The Most Realistic Sex-Worker Portrayals in Pop Culture, According to Sex Workers” Mel Magazine (2018)

“I’m a Celibate Sex Worker” Medium (2018)

“How to Strip…Sober” The Fix (2018)

“Stripped Bare” Lenny Letter (2017)

“The Road to Making Pole-Dancing an Olympic Sport” MEL Magazine (2017)

“Your Life As A Middle-Aged Stripper” The Establishment (2017)

“All the Crazy Shit I’ve Seen as a Bachelor-Party Stripper” MEL Magazine (2017)

“The Truth About Lying” The Rumpus (2017)

“Girlfriend Experience, Interrupted” Medium (2016)

“Cannibalistic Feminism in UnReal” Medium (2016)

“Britney Spears and the Mysteries of the Super Orgasm” Medium (2016)

“Sex Addiction, Porn and The Brain” Medium (2016)

”The Reds” Medium (2016)

“Missing” The Rumpus (2016)

”What Does Safety Feel Like When You’re A Sex Worker” Buzzfeed (2016)

”Tips and Tits: Self Care For Strippers” (2016)

“In Rape Culture There’s No Such Thing As A Safe Word” Quartz: Atlantic Media (2015)

“Stop Stealing From Stripers” The New York Times (2015)

Electric Literature Redemption Literature

“The Best Blue Collar Gig Out There” Frequencies Vol 3,Two Dollar Radio (Forthcoming)

“Losing the Lusty” The Rumpus (2013)

“Enema Man” The Weeklings (2013)

“Yellow” Black Clock, Issue #17 (2013)

“Yellow” featured in Longreads: Members Pick of the Week (2013)

“My Lucky Thunder Thighs” Salon (2013)

“Sex Workers and Hollywood: How Afternoon Delight Flips Script” DAME Magazine (2013)

“Holy Orange” The Rumpus (2013)

“Here Comes the Girl” The Rumpus (2012)

“Night of the Lilies” The Rumpus (2012)

“Where I Write: Between Clients” The Rumpus (2012)

“The Yeah” The Los Angeles Review, Issue #12 (2012)

“Why are You a Prostitute?” Smith Magazine: The Moment (2012)

“Pleasures” Diverse Voices Quarterly, Issue #8 (2011)

“55 Steps” Slake, Issue # 4 (2010)

“The Man I Gave a Handjob in West Hollywood Will Surely Blow His Brains Out Before I See Him Again” The Rumpus (2010)

“Merry Christmas, Los Angeles” The Whistling Fire (2010)

“Rosebud” Black Clock, Issue #11 (2009)



The Rumpus:

The Rumpus Interview with Jessica Valenti (2017)

“Pussy Fever Loves Locker 29: An Interview with Cheryl Strayed” (2011)

“Recession Sex Workers” #1-15 (2009-2011)

Zyzzyva Blog:

“Sexual Greed, Profound & Shallow: A Q&A With Chloe Caldwell” (2012)

“The Thousand-Plus Mile Journey to Sugar: A Q &A With Cheryl Strayed” (2012)

“A Fortunate Literary Community: An Interview with Wendy Ortiz” (2012)


”Sex Addiction, Porn, and the Brain: Interview w/Dr. Nikky Prause” (2016)

“The Unexpected Ties Between Sex Workers and Hackers: Interview w Violet Blue” (2016)


Contributing Editor/Contributor:

The Weeklings: “Welcome Kink” (2013-present)

The Rumpus (2009-present)

Senior Editor:

“The Citron Review” (2009-present)

In Schools Editor & Contributor:

WriteGirl Anthology #11 “No Character Limit”