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UCLA Extension Writer’s Program

Writing Instructor, UCLA Extension Writer’s Program Summer, 2016-Present:
Intro to Writing the Personal Essay, Intro to Memoir, The Art of the Personal Essay, Intermediate Essay

WRITING X 422.1WS – Writing the Personal Essay February 8-11
A 4-Week Studio Intensive on Writing the Personal Essay: Thursday-Sunday with guest speakers Siel Ju, Seth Fischer and Tisha Reichle.

Instructor Bio

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Antioch University Los Angeles Inspiration2Publication Program

Book Coaching

Manuscript Review

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Student Testimonials:

“Tapping into people’s empathy was genius. Most people aren’t strong enough to lift a car. But if they had to do it to free a child, they would find the supernatural strength to do it. Your class encouraged everyone to lift those cars and become the writers they were intended to be.”
–Ariel Penn

Editing Services Available Upon Request

Editing Testimonials:

“Working with Antonia has been one of the greatest editorial experiences of my writing life. She kicked my ass for over six months (with love) to work on a personal essay, all while not bullshitting the reader or myself. She taught me to sit in the difficult mess of my words and emotions and move beyond, transforming it into something I am truly proud of.
–Ashley Perez

“They say doctors are the worst patients; well, editors can be the worst editees. As an editor and a writer, I trust Antonia with my work more than I trust most anyone else. She’s one of the only people I go to to tell me the unvarnished truth no matter what, and to tell it to me in a way that makes me want to keep writing instead of making me want to have a temper tantrum. She is my secret weapon.”
–Seth Fischer